Lost for Clarity

I have tried to articulate my thoughts about ten times but the words are just not flowing. This most likely speaks to my current state of mind. Conflicted.

I firmly believe in being grounded and aware of your present — to dismiss the rational for what feels right. That if you are presented with something a number of times, that maybe, just maybe, you’re initial decision was misguided. And, that a reassessment is due attention. Your attention. No one else’s.

And sometimes, the answer does not come easy.

That is the struggle for which I went out to find an answer. Although clarity has not surfaced as of yet, I am confident it will. It has to. Thus far, all of my decisions have been intuitive at their core. And this, will be too.

So as I lose myself in search for an answer — here are some snaps, some of which you may have already seen on Insta, taken from hikes over the weekend and yesterday.

xx Chloë-Lynn

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