The Adirondacks

A little over a week ago I went up to the Adirondacks. Never been before and absolutely loved it. I have a tendency to venture off trails and make my own. And although I’ve been told time and again about not venturing alone, to that end I’ve responded that even just one, is one too many. The chaos that is my mind seldom hits pause on the never ending labyrinth tracing my thoughts.

As I drove off the open road, got out of the car and explored I came to a singular conclusion. There is but only one reason to ever fear being alone among the mountains, water and sky. No, not the transcendental thoughts that might crawl in. No, not the people you may meet as you cross paths. No, not the silence in the hallowed spaces between and among the trees. Quite simply, the fear of being prey to a mountain cat or bear. That’s it.

I do not want to hear any stories of unfortunate incidents and dark bad people. I do not want to hear the potential of getting hurt or lost. Might I add, as for the latter — getting lost or hurt are part of a journey that elevates your experience and knowledge in the wilderness.

That is all I have to say. Nothing more, nothing less.

And if you were curious, no cat or bear will stop me from peeking in and, sometimes, stepping across those bounds. Yes, there are limits. You will not find an enclosure nor a physical fence. Rather, this barrier is one of respect. You can’t force yourself into any space with the mindset that you are welcomed. You are to be invited. With each step you make you are bartering with all that surrounds you — the ground, the air and all that is living. Find your intuitive sense, and with that respect use it to guide you through the wilderness. That (pre-made) already marked path may not be the one chosen for you that day. With eyes and a mind wide open, feel your way through the trees and trust in the journey.

xx Chloë-Lynn


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